Laryngeal Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment in Des Moines, IA

Treating Cancer of the Voice Box

Iowa Head and Neck assists patients with the diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal cancer. The larynx, also commonly known as the voice box, is susceptible to cancer which accounts for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year around the world. Patients who survive this condition also commonly have lifelong negative symptoms impacting their quality of life, ability to swallow, and voice.

Symptoms & Early Diagnosis of Laryngeal Cancer

Similar to many kinds of cancer, early detection is key to a better and healthier treatment and recovery. If you experience the following symptoms that are typically associated with laryngeal cancer, schedule your appointment with Iowa Head and Neck for a proper diagnosis:

Risk Factors for Laryngeal Cancer

Despite being a common condition, laryngeal cancer is oftentimes a preventable condition. This is because the majority of laryngeal cancer cases are caused by extended exposure of carcinogens. Tobacco is one of the common carcinogens that can contribute to laryngeal cancer, and smoking is the largest risk factor associated with the condition.

In addition to tobacco, alcohol consumption is another contributor to laryngeal cancer. Individuals who drink alcohol in addition to smoking have an increased risk of laryngeal cancer. This is why a maximum limit of one serving of alcohol per day should be consumed. Limiting alcohol consumption can lesson the impact laryngeal cancer has on a patient’s health.

Treatment Options for Laryngeal Cancer

Patients of Iowa Head and Neck that have developed laryngeal cancer have a variety of treatment options available depending on their condition. Patients may be recommended:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Combination of the above treatment options

Fortunately for most individuals, as stated earlier, laryngeal is usually preventable. Early detection is also crucial for a healthier recovery. This is why if you develop conditions associated with cancer of the voice box, you should contact Iowa Head and Neck for a proper diagnosis. Our office can be reached at ngeal Ca(515) 274-9136 to schedule an appointment.

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Patient Alert

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